Cardinal Müller: Pope Francis is a Communist

Cardinal Müller is warning that Jorge Bergoglio’s, the man many people call Pope Francis, is not what he seems to be.

He shares 4 important things people need to know about the battle the Church is facing in an interview with premier English-language Vatican journalist, Edward Pentin. Number 4 is how Jorge Bergoglio is bringing Communism into the Vatican.

1) Progressives” have no scriptures to support their beliefs

“All my life, after the Second Vatican Council, I’ve noticed that those who support so-called progressivism never have theological arguments. The only method they have is to discredit other persons, calling them ‘conservative’” — and this changes the real point, which is the reality of the faith, and not in your personal subjective, psychological disposition. By ‘conservative,’ what do they mean? Someone loves the ways of the 1950s, or old Hollywood films of the 1930s? Was the bloody persecution of Catholics during the French Revolution by the Jacobins progressive or conservative? Or is the denial of the divinity of Christ by the Arians of the fourth century liberal or traditional? Theologically it’s not possible to be conservative or progressive. These are absurd categories: Neither conservatism nor progressivism is anything to do with the Catholic faith. They’re political, polemical, rhetorical forms. The only sense of these categories is discrediting other persons.

Cardinal Müller makes a very good point. Following the Bible and loving God are not progressive or conservative concepts. People who try to divide the people are actually trying to weaken the group. They do this to consolidate and gain absolute power. Those seeking to do this are not serving God, but man. End of story.

That is why many people are leery of how Jorge Bergoglio is trying to turn the position of Pope into a liberal political platform, as PROVEN in the Podesta emails.

2) People Should NOT Blindly Follow the “Revelations” of Jorge Bergoglio 

“We must distinguish between what is official doctrine of the Church, the role of the Pope, and what he is saying in private conversations. Those private opinions of the Pope need to be respected because they are opinions and words of the Holy Father, but nobody is obliged to accept uncritically everything that he’s saying, for example, about political or scientific questions. That’s his personal opinion, but nothing to do with our Catholic faith, by which we are justified in the grace of God.”

Nobody can demand of a Catholic to believe a doctrine which is in an obvious contradiction to the Holy Scripture, apostolic Tradition and the dogmatic definitions of the Popes and ecumenical councils in the matter of faith and morals. What is needed is a religious obedience, but not a blind faith, to the Pope and the bishops, and nothing at all to private friends and advisers . . . . We do not just believe things because a Pope teaches them, but because these truths are included in Revelation.”

Cardinal Müller is saying that Catholics need to keep their Bibles tight, and their faith strong as they are being tempted astray by a false shepherd. Jorge Bergoglio is touting political agendas, not preaching the true word of God.

Have you heard Jorge Bergoglio's views on global warming? If not you can click here. He is going around preaching that humankind will face “unprecedented destruction” if they don't support politicians committed to fighting global warming.

Popes used to preach about the destruction from not following the Lord. Jorge Bergoglio teaches we can just create an earthly “new global political authority” to solve our problems. What happened to our God? Is not our kingdom in heaven?

Cardinal Müller's interview gives many clues as to what this “new global political authority” will look like. Here is a hint – you can see it in Venezuela.

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