Pope Condemns “Ideological Christians” as “Serious Illness” Destroying the Catholic Church

Pope Francis warned Christians of the dangers associated with actually following the words of God at daily Mass last June. He told congregants that the true sin attacking the world was Catholic ideology and that those who truly prayed would see the truth. The truth of the liberal agenda.

Who is this man claiming to be above God and his word?

There is a reason Archbishop Luigi Negri describes Pope Benedict XVI abdicating as being “no coincidence.” There is a reason many Catholic groups are petitioning President Trump to open an investigation into Wikileaks documents indicating the Obama Administration played an influential role in forcing Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate in order to bring in a new leader prepared to steer the Church into the age of liberal madness.

Pope Francis teaches heresy. What relevance does the Church have if its followers are being instructed to denounce the very teachings and practices that define their faith?

Francis added. “But it is a serious illness, this of ideological Christians.

This wolf in sheep’s clothing is emboldened. He doesn't try to hide the new agenda. It is very clear and it is sickening.

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