Brian Williams Claims Trump is Destroying the Public’s Faith in Media

Brian Williams might be the most famous purveyor of fake news this century, but that hasn't stopped him from criticizing Donald Trump's accusations of fraudulent reporting.

Williams is lucky he's even still a member of the liberal media. The former broadcast anchor lost his position at NBC after a decade's worth of lies and exaggerations were brought to light. After a too-brief hiatus, Williams was redeployed to help turn around MSNBC.

Once there, he almost immediately began criticizing the phenomenon of internet-based “fake news” — ironic, given his past personal ties to the subject.

But now that fake news has gone mainstream, Williams seems to have switched sides. He's now defending the media against an onslaught of attacks made by Donald Trump.

Watch as Williams attacks Trump for “diminishing' the prestige of media on the next page:




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