Brian Williams Claims Trump is Destroying the Public’s Faith in Media

Probably the most infamous of William's fake news was his tall tale of coming under fire in Iraq in a report, which he continued to fabricated over many years.

NBC has suspended its star news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay over his false story of coming under fire in a US military helicopter in Iraq.

The network made the announcement in a statement on Tuesday night. It said Williams had been informed of the decision earlier and the suspension was “effective immediately”.

Of course, NBC didn't fire Williams because he lied, but because he got busted.

This probably reminds you of a similar lie by Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton, who (falsely) claimed that she and President Bill Clinton arrived in Bosnia in 1996 under a hail of sniper fire, has gone on to serve as secretary of state and stands a good chance at being the next U.S. president.  Despite her claims that she “misspoke” or “misremembered,” Clinton cannot escape the fact that she was caught lying, red-handed.

One wonders if these lies about ‘coming under fire' is just as much based on their fantasies of being some sort of brave, heroic character as much as it is trying to impress those who listen.

On the next page are videos of the King of Fake News and the amazing gall he has to stand in front of America and accuse Trump of causing people to lose faith in the media!




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