Bolton: Obama Holdovers ‘Should Start Packing Their Sh!t’

Ambassador John Bolton has amassed quite a collection of enemies. The left hates him, which is a good thing. Some of our nation's adversaries are not at all fond of him either. Is there anything else we can consider that might make him a good choice for National Security Advisor? Yes. He has announced that “Obama Holdovers ‘Should Start Packing Their Sh!t'”

To the degree that such holdovers remain, this is good news, indeed.

Incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton and people close to him are expected to launch a massive shake-up at the National Security Council, aiming to remove dozens of current White House officials, starting with holdovers from President Barack Obama’s administration, according to multiple sources.

Those targeted for removal include officials believed to have been disloyal to President Donald Trump, those who have leaked about the president to the media, his predecessor’s team, and those who came in under Obama.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official said.

Another source said, “He is going to remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in.”

A second former White House official offered a blunt assessment of former Obama officials currently detailed or appointed to the NSC: “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit.”

Why are Obama loyalists still in these positions over a year after their boss and hero left office? Someone was doing anything but “draining the swamp.”

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