Obama’s Shadow Weasels Are Loose and It’s Time to Round Them Up

Obama’s Shadow Weasels Are Loose and It’s Time to Round Them Up

Letter dated November 9th, 2016:

“Dear Subjects, Fellow Conspirators and Future Shadow Operatives:

Today is a grim day for the Republic that I had prepared hard to both mold and keep in the image of our Maker, George Soros.  We have been upended by a fool, one who thinks he can just waltz in here and order you around and fire people at his whim.  Pardon me if this choppy…my teleprompter is not operating correctly…WORK, DAMMIT!

To be clear, I will not stand for this.  I will never allow this man to assume the reigns of power smoothly and completely.  There is a great need right now to transcend kindness and cooperative spirit, to think about all the children in the public school system and the universities who, at this very moment, are being transformed in the antiFA soldiers of the future.  We must also think about all the splinter groups of the Democrat Party who are about to be ignored by this incoming administration.  We must think about the news organizations, our precious breast milk of life, that keep us safe and shielded from the ravages of White privilege.  We must protect those news organizations (except Fox) at all costs and By Any Means Necessary. 

From this hour on, I will be forming a separate and powerful department of the government.  I shall call it my Department of Shadowy Endeavors (Michelle says it's too long, but I beg to differ.  Besides, who's the President right now anyway?)  This DSE will be operating 24/7/365 in a clandestine way to ensure that, not only is this new Rightwing stooge thwarted at every corner to topple what I (and George) have built, but also to employ tens of thousands of you across the fruited plains to protest, riot, tear up and generally picket any and all actions by this billionaire TV-star.  I have already installed thousands of career-level individuals in the existing government in order to effect the eventual outcome of impeachment and humiliation of this man, and those individuals have taken a blood oath that they will protect and defend the Progressive path I have set this country upon, with or without the “deplorables and irredeemables”.

And for all of you who continue to badger me about Hillary, the answer is yes, she will have a part in this overall master plan that only I have been privy to by the Maker.  Rest assured, my Secretary has done her service to the Progressives and will be rewarded; in what capacity and to what level, I cannot say at this point in time.

I have directed Keith Olbermann to keep up The Resistance (without ever mentioning my name, of course…DAMN, THAT LIMBAUGH!) and the DSE soldiers are willing and able to carry out my orders.  Have faith in me.  I will not disappoint you.

Your Beloved Leader and Very Handsome President,


P.S.  Promptly destroy any copies of this letter upon receipt.”

All right, maybe I stretched the truth a little with the letter above, but IF it were a real document (and if I had an anonymous source to back it up…are you listening CNN?) then it would explain a lot about what is going on in Washington D.C. with all the leaks in the intelligence communities.  Right now, our nation's capital has more leaks than the Titanic and is about to sink even faster.

Trump is being advised by various people in the news cable network business about how to take care of these leaks.  The general consensus is that he needs to get rid of these leakers, Obama holdovers all, who are just “aching” for information to abscond with to the Liberal press.  There are a few problems, however, with that advice.

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