Bolton: Obama Holdovers ‘Should Start Packing Their Sh!t’

John Bolton is a very controversial figure. He's a former US Ambassador to the UN. He is also thought to be a confirmed neo-con, someone who would seem to be a poor fit for the Trump administration.  He's known for being a war-hawk, and one can rightly question how well that fits with the president's early insistence that creating deals with powers that oppose us is a desirable strategy.

But perhaps not all is as it seems. “Draining a swamp” the size of Washington likely requires strategies that don't always make sense to those of us who are largely watching matters develop from the outside. It may be that Bolton is just the man for the job of National Security Advisor. If McMaster was actually working at cross-purposes with the president, this could be a terrific change in personnel.

Liberals hate Bolton, and that cannot be a bad thing. He is outspoken and does not equivocate, characteristics he shares with President Trump.

And when you hear what he has declared on his arrival on the job, your confidence in this appointment might well be bolstered. More on page two.



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