BLM: “All Confederate Flags & Statue, & Groups Should Be Illegal”

Brace yourselves, folks. The liberal crazy train has come off the rails and it’s headed full speed ahead to a town near you. According to liberals, the real cause of the deadly events unfolding in Charlestown isn’t due to it being a false flag riot, judicial corruption, cops being ordered to stand down, fake media, or Soros backed anarchist groups.

Nope, inanimate stones and pieces of clothes are the villains of choice for the shadow government fanning the flames of civil war. And because of that they are going to fight like it's Ferguson all over again to rip that Confederate flag out of your hands.

What does the Civil War and WW 2 Germany have in common? WW2 was not fought because of racism or the Holocaust. Neither was the Civil War singularly fought because of slavery. The deep state and the global players that be could care less about racism or the welfare of the common man. They want to be able to easily exploit the people any way they can.

Here is a fun fact. Robert E. Lee actually spoke against slavery. But, he is evil according to EVERY piece of propaganda ever created by MSM since the close of the war. Guess who supported slavery? Look at your money. George Washington, who was a good man, and deserving of his position on the dollar. So many people owned slaves, black and white, it was a part of the culture. Wrong yes. No question. A primitive problem still encountered in the Middle East and Africa? Yes. But not a problem here in the U.S. anymore and nothing people necessarily need to get their panties all in a knot about some 200 years later.

If we all hate slavery so much BLM. why don't you go about actually fighting real slavery that still exists today? Not picking fights with inanimate objects and material crafted into flags? How does that help?

Erasing history and making illogical comparisons between ignorant white supremacists carrying flags that contradict their own belief systems and all conservatives does not diminish racism. That does nothing but stir up hate and civil discord.

How did the Ferguson riots help promote racial equality? They didn't. blacks destroyed their own cause, burned down their neighborhoods, and lived up to every stereotype possible regarding black-on-black violence. Why didn't Obama stand up? Why didn't he decry these leaders manipulating minorities into committing acts of domestic terrorism? Because he is a Democrat, a part of the party who founded the KKK and murdered Lincoln.

Source: Daily Caller

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