Maxine Waters Claims President Trump is Affiliated with the KKK, Renames White House

Maxine Waters Claims President Trump is Affiliated with the KKK, Renames White House

We have 3 loaded statements Waters made recently on the public record detailing why she thinks President Trump is a part of the KKK and Bannon their inside leader. O and too, she took it upon herself to rename the White House. You’ll never guess! This lady has to go. Be it a nursing home or prison. Although the later in a cell next to Hillary would be a pretty sight to behold. You see they’re waging a war. Charlottesville but the last of many more false flag riots as they start bringing out all their other protest groups.

Soros and Co want civil war. You know that? And to achieve that goal they’ve also bought and paid for white supremacists like groups, KKK, and other members to carry out disgusting attacks while masquerading as conservatives. These people do not in any way, shape, or form represents the so-called Alt-Right or conservatives.

They are the other half of Antifa, BLM, being brought out to wave Nazi flags while praising Trump. This gives the far-left a self- perceived morally justifiable grounds to wage a civil war. This is all staged. Watch what unfolds in the next few months. Mark my words. The things I am about to share with you will all be unfolding in the coming months, and you’ll want to be prepared.

Continue on to the next page to learn about the second stage of Soros’s plan underway for full out civil war and how Maxine is playing her hand of the pied piper. And here is a riddle to tide you over till you flip that page. What do you get a 87 year old multibillion dollar Nazi-Jewish businessman suffering from Stockholm Syndrome for his birthday?

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