BLM Activist Tweets “Thank You Micah!” After Dallas Shooting

Unfortunately, Sunshine’s calls for violence against whites and police go far beyond the #F**YoFlag movement. On separate occasions, the radio personality has told white reporters to their faces to “go back into the cave where you came from” and “everyone else on the planet will have peace if you’re dead.” Yet all these statements pale in comparison to what she had to say about Dallas killer Micah Xavier Johnson. When a Breitbart writer shared the outlet’s earlier coverage of Sunshine the morning after the killing, the host simply, disgustingly said “thank you Micah!!”

“Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was executed while at a gas station in northwest Harris County, just 30 miles up the road from where Breitbart Texas first met ‘Sunshine,’ and just two weeks after New Black Panther Party members and Sunshine were calling for the killing of police officers.

She has now thanked the man who played a part in executing the Dallas officers.

On the morning after the Dallas executions, Breitbart Texas contributor Producer Kenny (@ProducerKen) tweeted the Breitbart Texas article about Sunshine written the year before.

Sunshine saw his tweet and responded by saying, ‘thank you Micah!!’ She attached a photograph of television coverage of the horrific executions.”

Source: Breitbart



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