Bishop E.W. Jackson: ‘I Condemn Both Sides… Both Sides Want Us Divided Racially’

Bishop E.B. Jackson offers a refreshing perspective on what happened over the weekend in Charlottesville.

They want to turn everything into a racial issue. They believe that somehow … our country really is black against white – we’re not that at all. We are a nation founded on principle – not race.

Both [sides] are more interested in racial division than they are in us becoming one nation under God, indivisible

This is the bigger picture. White people can be racist. Black people can be racist. Are perceptions of race are all slightly influenced by our upbringings and socializations. However, overall, most of us likely don't think too much about racial constructs on a daily basis. It's not that big of a deal. Even liberal pollsters are forced to admit that the only mainstream racism that still occurs today are ridiculous liberal constructs like cultural appreciation. Innocent things deliberately designed to cultivate a environment of one dimensional victimhood.

Race relations, life, and an individual's personal opinions can be complicated and comprehensive, NOT shallow and thoughtless as liberalism orders to think. Hear out Bishop Jackson's stance on the white supremacists, BLM, Charlottesville, and civil war monuments:

Why did Charlottesville happen?

What about the other protesters like Antifa and BLM?

Did the confederate monuments cause this or contribute to a culture of hate?

Jackson explains he makes that recommendation, however, as an African-American who lives in Virginia, has run for office in Virginia, and has visited Charlottesville many times with his family.

“I have seen those [Confederate] monuments,” he said. “My family and I have not given them a second thought, to tell you the truth, because what do they have to do with us? Nobody bothers us, nobody’s harassing us. We never really cared.”

BUT and this is where you gotta be open to hearing people out when they present multifaceted ideas.

Monuments are NOT the big problem. It's the government and what's really going on under the surface to attack our faith and believe in humanity.

Jackson said the increasing rejection of God in America, particularly by the left, has created an atmosphere in which people no longer comprehend the notion that “you can disagree with people and still love them … you may hate their ideas, but you don’t hate them, and you may be opposed to their policies, but you don’t want their personal destruction.”

That is the real reason the government is trying to pit people against each other, refuse to condemn both sides, while the police were instructed to stand back and the violence to escalate to the level it did. There are not just two divisions of rioters needing to be rebuked. Another group played a part. And they are the ones who guaranteed and pulled all the strings ensuring someone would die and people hurt. The shadow government is no one's friend, least of all black people, or the common man and woman…

Political correctness serves to hurt the very people it claims to protect. The measures in place to enforce morality, break down the walls of the church and human decency. Make a real stand against all those attempts to use this false flag riot to divide, prepare for civil war, and foster an unfounded hatred towards those around us. Part of the problem is the lack of solid non-inflammatory news being widely available to the public. How many people do you think know this is a deliberated false flag attack on our society at large, not just a few racist rioting in Charlottesville? That we are being tricked to embrace hate? That we can all unite against a common enemy, the people desecrating the American flag by undermining democracy? Because we are above being baited into believing we are a bunch of backward racist needing to hand over our guns!

Source: Breitbart



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