UN Considers Making Cultural Appropriation a Criminal Offense

UN Considers Making Cultural Appropriation a Criminal Offense

Cultural appropriation is the admiration or use of indigenous cultural practices of minorities by white people. Or is it?

Indigenous activists state people need to more clearly define the line between appreciating and appropriating another culture's heritage.

Here is an example. Appreciating another culture would be a white person buying a sweater made by a Navajo artist. Appropriating the Navajo culture would be wearing that prior mentioned sweater. You see the difference? It’s important to start being able to make that distinction as indigenous activists are on the warpath. Because these activists are not just asking the UN to disavow cultural appropriation, they want to implement international laws and measures that will take all of this PC hysteria to a completely new level.

Will it soon be illegal for kids to learn to play the 12 bar blues? Will the parents be criminally prosecuted as is now the case in the U.S. if kids get caught sexting? What if a person unknowingly knits a sweater using colors associated with a certain Native American tribe? How do these indigenous activists propose courts differentiate accidental associations with deliberate appropriation? All on the next page:

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