Bill Kristol: I Prefer the “Deep State” to the Trump ‘State’

Bill Kristol: I Prefer the “Deep State” to the Trump ‘State’

William Kristol of the Weekly Standard is precisely the sort of individual who Trump voters rejected. He is a confirmed neocon, and can thus be expected to oppose the Trump administration in spite of ostensibly referring to himself as a Republican. He would have been much happier had Hillary Clinton won the presidency as their political ideologies match much closer than his and those of President Trump. During the campaign for the GOP nomination, so intense was his distaste for Donald Trump that he called for the formation of a new political party if Mr. Trump were to win the Republican nomination.

President Trump represents a rejection of what the neocons stand for, and thus is a check on their power. For this, we should be thankful, as the neocons such as William Kristol, Max Boot, Elliott Abrams, and even Senators McCain and Graham are a collection of warmongers who are much more comfortable with those willing to pursue aggressive foreign wars such as Hillary Clinton and even George W. Bush and Barack Obama. As such, they pollute the Republican party with their interventionist policies.

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