Baltimore Professor: White People Owe Blacks $40 Trillion

There are demands that are coming, frequently from those in academia, for the United States to make payments in the form of reparations to the descendants of slaves. Lawrence Brown, an assistant professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore, has been quite vocal in offering his beliefs on this matter, stating that “White People Should Deposit Their Unearned Wealth In Black Accounts.” He has company in Black Lives Matter leader Ashleigh Shackelford who is singing a very similar tune.

This is an absurd notion that could be dismissed on several grounds:

  • It assumes “white people” today are responsible for the sins of their fathers — and if not all “white people” in America today are responsible, that it is possible to identify the ones who are — something that is clearly impossible to do.
  • It assumes that “white people” have “unearned wealth” — whatever that is — to deposit into the accounts of African Americans.
  • It assumes that the extent of the alleged damages to African-Americans can be quantified.
  • It assumes that there exists the $40 trillion that Mr. Brown wants transferred to African-Americans in the form of reparations. This is an amount approximately equal to twice the size of our national debt.
  • It ignores the horrible atrocities that have been perpetrated on peoples of many races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds over millennia for whom no such reparations were made or will ever be made.
  • It assumes a world that simply does not exist.

On the next page you can see the rather entertaining way he has broken it all down:




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