Baltimore Professor: White People Owe Blacks $40 Trillion

There’s a growing demand coming from the fringe — well, let’s hope it’s the fringe — demanding reparations for sufferings caused by slavery in America as well as for the sufferings, primarily of African-Americans, in the years since its abolition. It’s a radical idea that cannot be supported economically or ideologically.

Before going further, it must be stated emphatically that the practice of slavery is abhorrent. That it occurred in America is a stain on our history. That it occurred throughout the world for millennia, is a stain on humanity. No amount of words will remove the fact that this inhumane practice has been part of the human condition. Those who worked for its abolition deserve our admiration and gratitude.

However, demands for trillions of dollars in reparations to the descendants of those who suffered under slavery in America in not supportable. More on page two.




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