Al Sharpton Sued for ‘Swiping’ $16K from Arizona Man

Reggie Anders Sr. is suing Al Shaprton for stealing $16k after promising that he would help Anders settle a dispute with Verizon.

“I thought he was an honest guy,” Anders said of meeting Sharpton. “I thought he would do what he said he would do.”

Sharpton promised to go to bat for him against Verizon, a trucking client of Anders he had accused of discrimination and breach of contract in a federal suit that was dismissed in 2014.

Sharpton would “set up mediation meetings” and, if need be, “put the matter to the media” and even blast the telecom giant on his weekly radio broadcast, according to Anders’ lawsuit, filed Friday in Manhattan federal court. All Anders had to do was hand over $16,000. Sharpton was very clear about how he wished to be paid, Anders told The Post. “He wanted cash only. He didn’t say why.”

But The Rev was not clear at all about one thing — that Verizon and other major corporations had been paying Sharpton and NAN thousands of dollars in donations.

Sharpton is already facing bad press for his support of Black Lives Matter and alleged extortion. Add this to the list of his many failed endeavors.

Source: NY Post



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