200 Party Insiders Could Determine GOP Race

We've known all along that the nomination process on the Democratic side is anything but democratic, but recently the Republican Party has also indicated that they may subvert the will of the voters as well.  Reince Priebus even told Wisconsinites recently to sit down and accept that the party would choose its nominee.

The Washington Post describes how even though Donald Trump is virtually a lock to head into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as the delegate leader he is far from assured the nomination.

West Virginia looks perfect for Donald Trump: a struggling working-class state filled with the types of voters who have backed him elsewhere and could deliver one of his biggest victories.

But a sweep there might not matter. That’s because as many as 34 delegates — the entire contingent — may be free to back whomever they want at the Republican National Convention.

Much the same is true in Pennsylvania, home to a hotly contested April 26 primary, where there are 54 uncommitted delegates. Other states and territories, from Colorado to Wyoming to Guam, will also send squads of unbound representatives.

These are the swing voters of the GOP nominating contest, nearly 200 activists and elected leaders beholden to nothing except their personal judgment and empowered to make or break candidacies.

If Trump arrives at the July convention in Cleveland just shy of the 1,237 delegates required to secure the nomination outright, these unbound delegates could decide to push him over the top — or force a contested convention with successive rounds of balloting.

Despite the fact that the rules state that any candidate needs a majority and not just a plurality to become the party's nominee, in any other year the party would have coalesced behind so clear a frontrunner as Donald Trump.

Source: The Washington Post



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