Young Voter To Hillary: ‘A lot of people my age thing you’re dishonest’

Concealing any shock she might have felt over the question, Clinton did what she does best and minimized Gipple's allegation by deflecting and criticizing the Republicans. Bragging that there exists a segment of young people who support her instead of Bernie Sanders, the former First Lady wasted no time painting herself as a victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

“‘If you’re new to politics, if it’s the first time you’ve really paid attention, you go ‘oh my gosh, look at all of this’ and say, ‘why are they throwing all of that at her’?,' the former first lady responded. ‘I’ll tell you why — because I’ve been on the front lines of change and progress since I was your age. I’ve been fighting for kids and women and the people left out and left behind to help them make the most of their lives.'

Clinton also said that she’s happy to see young people engaged on the Democratic side no matter who they’re supporting.

‘I’m totally happy to see young people involved in any way,' the former secretary of State said. ‘That’s what we want — a good primary to pick a nominee and then everybody to join together to make sure we win.'”

Source: The Hill



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