Young Democrat Socialist Club Calls President Trump to be Shot

Young Democrat Socialist Club Calls President Trump to be Shot

What is going to happen to conservatives if socialism continues to gain stronghold in America? Socialism is the main stay at almost all modern American universities. This is not a pleasant reality.

A Gallup poll shows 36% of Americans view socialism positively, with 57% of Democrats going as far as to claim socialism is great. These numbers might not seem overwhelming. But, in context that the majority of ardent socialists work in education, community planning, and other government positions, it is unnerving.

State universities are now ‘safe places’ for radicalized young socialists. This marks the 2nd time in a span of less than a few months that we’ve been forced to report that another Democrat Socialist club is calling for the murder of the President and all of his supporters. Except this time the Secret Service is involved.

Head on over to the next page to learn more about the Iowa State University Democrat Socialist club. The President must watch his back!

Did you know leftist hero ‘Stalin' also committed genocide against those who resisted socialism? He didn't just call. He acted. What are these student groups PROMISING they'll do to ALL capitalists?

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