The “Young Democratic Socialists” Club Calls for Beheading Republicans

What is going to happen to conservatives if socialism takes a stronger hold in America? Socialism is primed to take over democracy. And countries that have already fell prey to this tragedy depict an ugly picture.

Socialist, communists, and dictators are all historically associated with the brutal slaughtering or suppression of Christians and defenders of democracy.

Christianity is not compatible with socialism. There is a reason countries such as China are bewildered as to how to go about addressing this crisis. According to most estimates, there are more Christians than Communist Party members in China. Despite the government torturing and proactively working to wipe out religion. This had led to Plan B, the creation of a socialist Christian church quite similar surprisingly to the Catholic Church under Pope Francis. Because it's either integrate into the liberal agenda or death. And in America, the solution will be death if young liberal socialists have any say in the matter.

The University of Southern Georgia’s “Young Democratic Socialists” club recently sent a suggestion to the House on how they should negotiate with Republicans.

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