Yet Another Mysterious Doctor Death

Doctor Venoitte has been researching alternative treatments for cancer.

Truth and Action reported earlier:

One thing many of  these doctors appear to all have had in common was their use GcMAF in treating patients.

This new treatment is reported to produce amazing results for a great many ills, such as: cancer, autism, bacterial and viral diseases, neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, as well as inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.

GcMAF is a protein naturally created by the body to help the immune system ward off disease on a day-to-day basis.

As it turns out, two of the most prominent of these doctors discovered that an enzyme called nagalase, which is produced by cancer cells. Nagalase suppresses GcMAF – and these doctors believed that nagalase is being added to vaccines by the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Linnea Lora Veinotte's obit described her impressive curriculum vitae, which had a strong emphasis in biology, genetics, cancer, microbiology and immunology.  She was a well loved researcher and teacher.

Her death robbed her husband and two sons of a remarkable woman.

“Her body, partially decomposed, was found just days ago and buried in a makeshift grave near a small dirt road on the south end of the island. Last seen on Sunday, Dec. 6., Dr. Veinotte, “left the house at 8 a.m., wearing green running shorts, a purple tank top and her Adidas, with the family dog, Nico, in tow.” She was to go for a jog around a well-known residential community, but instead residents later reported hearing tires belonging to a dark-colored SUV screech, and a loud thump. Their dog was discovered bleeding at the scene, but Dr. Veinotte was nowhere to be found.”

Though a “person of interest”, Akim Frank, has been apprehended, the authorities are not certain how to categorize the death: a crime or an accident.  It seems however to be too “coincidental” that another holistic doctor is dead and more should be looked at to tie them deaths and poisonings together.

Source: Natural Society






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