Yale Prof: Ban the Word ‘Master’

The Daily Caller notes with tongue firmly in cheek that at Yale  university one expects more intelligence from people (although half of the Supreme Court justices and half of the presidents in history hail from there). Yale organizes its undergraduate students into one of 12 different residential colleges. Each college has a master, typically drawn from the school’s faculty, who lives in a special house allotted to them on campus.

But now, professor Stephen Davis, master of Pierson College, has said that he no longer wants his students to refer to him as “Master Davis.”  And how long has he been on campus prior to this PC change of mind?

“I have found the title of the office I hold deeply problematic given the racial and gendered weight it carries,” Davis wrote in an email to Pierson students Friday, according to the Yale Daily News. “I think there should be no context in our society or in our university in which an African-American student, professor, or staff member—or any person, for that matter—should be asked to call anyone ‘master’ … And there should be no context where male-gendered titles should be normalized as markers of authority.”

The Full Story is Here.

Someone needs to tell Jedi Master Yoda right away…

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