WSJ: US Spies Working Against the Trump Administration

When President Trump decided to take on the Deep State he was picking a fight with a group that is not in the habit of losing. While using shadowy words like “Deep State” often implies a dive into conspiracy theories, it remains that there exists more or less connected groups as well as individuals within the intelligence community that are used to having a significant impact on the decisions made by the administration. In particular, they wish to do this while flying under the radar. By calling out the existence of such forces, Mr. Trump has stirred up the proverbial “hornets' nest.”

Recall that no less than Democratic Senator Charles Schumer recently commented that Trump's taking on the Deep State was a “dumb” idea, going so far as to say that the intelligence community has many ways to get back at those who would have the temerity to challenge their power.

Notorious neocon and nominal Republican Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard just expressed his preference for the Deep State over the Trump administration, thereby jettisoning any loyalty to constitutional government. So despite the attempt to pass this off as something only believed by “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut-jobs,” these people and groups do exist and do exert their influence.

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