Woman Stops Boy on Street, Discovers his Handgun

Woman Stops Boy on Street, Discovers his Handgun

Black on black violence doesn't exist . . . so they say. And by “they” I mean liberals and avid supporters of Black Lives Matter. They're so focused on abolishing “white privilege” and making all cops look like monsters, they've actively chosen to ignore the acts of violence that African Americans are prepared and already inflicting upon each other.

Go ahead, call that last statement racist. Or . . . and hear me out, you can open any REAL history book and find that they've actually been doing this to each other for quite some time. Look at the first time the Dutch visited Africa and came back with slaves, a topic that can be discussed for several days  in several large volumes of books.

The truth is, you don't have to look hard to find video evidence of black on black violence. You can put it into YouTube and find thousands of videos that show how legitimate a problem it is. For example, less than a month ago, a video surfaced of an African-American family driving in a car.

When the kids in the back seat make a joke at the expense of their grandmother, the lovely old woman pulls a knife out and threatens to stab the kid. That's not okay.

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