Woman Demands Right to Wear Hijab at Work, Despite Not Wearing One Before

Rather than expose real prejudice in the world, some Muslims are attempting to create controversy themselves in order to prove a point.

Fox2Detroit reported Thursday that “a Muslim woman said her boss fired her because she refused to remove her hijab at work. Najaf Khan said the highly controversial comments recently in the political arena are making it harder for people of the Islamic faith and she sees her story as an example of that.”

That is utterly false. What is becoming increasingly difficult in this country is refusing to submit to the blasphemy laws under the sharia. Khan’s case is a pattern, a very deliberate pattern to impose Islam on the secular marketplace.

One detail of Khan’s case reveals the whole strategy. According to Fox2Detroit, “Khan was entering her third day on the job this past Monday as she walked in wearing her hijab at the Fair Oaks Dental Care in Fairfax, Va. She said her boss immediately took her into his office and told her she couldn’t wear it.”

Why did she only go to work wearing the hijab on her third day there? From the perspective of an outside observer, it seems as though she misled them into thinking that she would dress in accordance with the “neutral environment” they wanted to preserve, and then switched on them after she was already hired.

This has become a trend in recent years. One Muslim woman who sought employment in a costumed position at the Walt Disney Company did so without a hijab. When she later said she refused to work without one, the company offered her many alternatives that allowed her to work and wear the garment. Rather than accept the offering, she instead chose to boycott the company.

If there is so much anti-Muslim bias in the world, its a wonder so many go so far to make it up.

Source: Breitbart




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