Woman Captures Footage of Migrants’ Sexual and Verbal Assaults

Grabbed and propositioned by a recent immigrant on the quiet streets of Sweden, this woman records the interaction and the video, rightly so, has gone viral.

This is the mindset of an immigrant culture, unwilling and perhaps, unable to assimilate into Western values and culture.  The divide is too great and the entitlement to have women, who are viewed as an inferior object, can never be rewired.

In the early hours of Sunday morning this past weekend was recorded after the unidentified Swedish woman had her bottom groped by a passing man.

Wasting no time with the angered woman, the migrant asks “Can I have sex with you?”. Astounded by the question, the woman demands to know where his accomplice, who touched her on the bottom has run to, and remarks she wants to take him to the police station.

Undaunted, the male returns to the same theme, remarking “I have sex with you… you get money for it”.

Clearly offended, the woman exclaims “Do you think I’m a whore? What do you want from me?.

Again, the migrant male repeats himself: “you get money”

Sweden now has the regrettable claim of notoriety as being the rape capital of the world, with assaults being committed on Swedish women and political correctness implementing a “light-touch legal response to these crimes.”


Sex assault and rape is becoming a sad fact of life for many women in Sweden, which has transformed from one of the safest and happiest countries on earth, to what is claimed to be the rape-capital of the first world in just a few decades. Breitbart London has reported on the culture of silence in Sweden, and the light-touch legal response to these crimes.

Source: Breitbart




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