Smiling at Blacks is Now a Racist Microaggression

Smiling at Blacks is Now a Racist Microaggression

Two questions.  What the heck is a racist microaggression and why would a white smiling at a black indicate that racism is in progress?

The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum, or at the very least, Portland College.  During their “Whiteness History Month”, the term term “White Guy Smile” was coined.

When did being congenial and smiling at another human become a form of racism?  Manners once were taught, even demanded in educational settings, but now, God forbid a white co-ed smile in the direction of a black student!  And eye contact?  Beware, this too is beyond offensive.

This is another ludicrous example of “white guilt” and indoctrinated college kids must make apologies for the skin color that they did not pick nor had any control over!  Thus this “white guy smile” is a result of white guilt and the fear that even a friendly gesture, like a smile, would be deemed as offensive.

View the video on the next page and practice smiling in a non-white guy manner.




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