Smiling at Blacks is Now a Racist Microaggression

To smile, or not to smile, that is the question when the white man passes the black man.  In Portland, Oregon, a term was coined during “White History Month” that not only demonstrates the complete lunacy of the left, but also the poisonous indoctrination of the university systems.   The “White Guy Smile” is a form of microaggression racism.  One had better attend college again just to understand this new psychology and language.

The video clip begins with a white student grappling over whether or not to look a person of color in the eyes when he walks past them, whether him crossing the street if he sees a gang of black people ahead will offend them, and whether he should then explain to them why he crossed the street.

“When you pass a person of color on the street, do you give them the “white guy smile”? Congratulations, you’re racist! If you look at a person of color, you’re racist. If you don’t look at them, you’re racist. If you sort of look at them, then look away, you’re still racist. If you keep looking at them, well, damn you, you racist!”

Just smile at your fellow human and forget this asinine liberal cockamamie!  You are not racist if you smile, but you are rude if you do not.

Source: Info Wars



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