Whistlegate Attorney Could be at the Heart of Russia-Collusion Hoax

A series of damning tweets has been unearthed today and they are not what the DNC was hoping to be highlighted this week.  Adam Schiff has got his hands full attempting to convince an unwilling and distrustful public of his assurances that their president is a crook.  The news has not sat well with Trump supporters, especially in light of Schiff’s other big lies regarding the Russia-Collusion Hoax and his supposed inside knowledge of huge malfeasance by the president.

Today, news is breaking about a series of tweets by Mark Zaid, attorney for the so-called “whistleblower” in the Ukraine phone call made between Trump and Zelensky.  Zaid has been found to be a rabid anti-Trump Democrat who has been yanking on the impeachment chain ever since the opening hours of the Trump presidency back in 2017.

What is more disturbing, however, is the possibility that he may in fact be at the very heart of the entire Russia-Collusion Hoax, considering a strange and compelling tweet from 2017; one that possibly implicates Zaid in the whole Comey-Brennan-CNN leak of the FBI Director’s briefing with the president!

Read on the following page the information regarding his Resistance to President Trump and why Mark Zaid may not only be the man who concocted this entire Ukraine scandal from the start, but may have his fingerprints all over the Russia-Collusion Hoax!



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