Western Journalism: Obama Is Preparing To Attack Veterans

The report covers various points, such as:

– Veterans swore an oath to defend us against enemies foreign and domestic and have the ability to defeat local law enforcement.
– A document by DHS classifies veterans as potential enemies of the state
– Document show Obama knew about VA “death panels” 5 years ago
– FEMA signed and agreement with the Russians Emergency Ministry, Russia's version of FEMA, last year to provide security at mass events here in the US. So security that pats you down at places like sporting events might be Russian.

Where exactly are these Russians? Are they being placed into the dozens of non-security oriented federal agencies that's now highly militarized?

Why would Obama’s Department of Homeland Security need two billion rounds of ammunition? Or why would the Department of Agriculture need submachine guns and ballistic body armor? Or why is Obama supplying 13,000 MRAPs—Armored mine resistant vehicles, valued at $500,000 each—to police departments coast to coast, free of charge? In a word: Veterans.

An unearthed DHS document from 2009 identifies the number one enemy of America: not al-Qaeda, not drug cartels, not violent gangs, but everyday veterans.

Last week, an Indiana sheriffs department supplied with one of Obama’s armored MRAPs openly admitted that veterans are the enemy!

Do you think the so-called “death panels”—now found to have existed in almost two dozen VA hospitals nationwide—are an accident? A whistleblower says they have been in existence for years! Why? Because VA executives, already making six figures, don’t get bonuses unless they place veterans on secret waiting lists! That’s right, Veterans Administration hacks are PAID to kill veterans!

And apparently everyone knew about the secret waiting lists—including Obama—everyone except the veterans who were waiting for care…many of whom eventually died.

But this is only half of the story of what Barack Obama and his minions have been doing and plan on doing to veterans!

Presidential directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” revealed on Wednesday, allows Obama to deploy the military in the event of so-called “civil unrest”—that is, if his political enemies, veterans, get out of hand.

Think about it: Obama will deploy the military to fight against former military—veterans. Will the military follow Obama’s unconstitutional orders, or will they turn on their Commander-in-Chief?

Time will tell. But if the military won’t act, Obama can call some “outside” sources—foreign governments that are aligned with him ideologically—for reinforcements.

And these “outside sources” just happen to fly a flag emblazoned with a hammer and sickle, symbol of the Communist Party.


Source: westernjournalism.com



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