Watters Uses Trigger Words on the Princeton Campus: Hilarity Ensues

From James Madison to the students wandering the hallowed halls of Princeton today, the great divide could not be more evident.  Jesse Watters, of the famed Watters’ World asked students their thoughts regarding various phrases, words like, “white privilege”, “Donald Trump”, “slum” or “ghetto”.

“Ghetto.  How do you feel about that?” inquired Watters of a Princeton student.

“I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words.”

Watters, “Do you feel comfortable saying the word ghetto?”  to which the blond co-ed responded, “I probably wouldn’t use it.”

“Ghetto”…. “Bye,” said an irate co-ed, walking away from Watters.

Another man stated, “It’s that kind of elitism, classism, kind of snobbery is counter-productive to humanizes people.”

“White privilege”, queried Watters to a young lady who responded, “Not offensive.”

Another woman was questioned, “Your a woman and your white, isn’t that how our got into Princeton?” to which she responds, “Yeah, and I’m kinda upset about that.”

Being politically correct is in itself, politically incorrect. The idea of not offending somebody is offensive, thus proving that the liberal belief in social issues is a paradox. It’s like when somebody says they don’t see color. The fact that you’re even mentioning color or taking the time to say that you don’t see it, proves that you are, in fact, focused on it, Truth and Action wrote.

The answers are sadly hilarious in the following interview.  How far we have fallen, from greatness from the halls of Princeton, to the Harvard Yard, students need safe spaces and are offended over the most benign things.

Source: Truth and Action




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