Hilarious Take Down of Political Correctness by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

During Triumph's Election Special, he stops at a college and puts a bunch of a students of different races, genders and sexual orientations in a room together, questions them about their beliefs, and then makes those beliefs backfire on them. Before I give too much away, watch the video for yourself.

There you have it, folks. Being politically correct is in itself, politically incorrect. The idea of not offending somebody is offensive, thus proving that the liberal belief in social issues is a paradox. It's like when somebody says they don't see color. The fact that you're even mentioning color or taking the time to say that you don't see it, proves that you are, in fact, focused on it. If you haven't seen the rest of it, check out Triumph's special on Hulu. It'll make you laugh and think all in one sitting.



    • Chrissie Christovte

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