Watch: Man asks Target Manager if he can use Women’s Restroom

The decision by Target could also invite the potential of molestation or at least of harassment by (typically) men perverts who choose to use the misguided policy to take advantage of women or girls in a very vulnerable situation. The moment that that occurs, the victim will have every justification to sue Target for millions of dollars. Let us hope that happens soon (the lawsuit, not the molestation.)

Target also seems ignorant to the fact that they are alienating tens or hundreds of thousands of shoppers in order to cater to less than one half of one percent of the U.S. population. There already are more than 100,000 people who have declared their intention to boycott Target indefinitely. It is simply a very bad business decision, and stockholders would be justified in taking management to task that is risking millions of dollars of sales to make their statement of support to the LGBT community.

Finally, it is becoming obvious to most clear thinking Americans that the LGBT lobby and movement has very little to do with equality and equal access, and everything to do with pushing their agenda into the faces of ordinary Americans who have seen freedoms and rights erode as the gay lobby demands a primacy of rights and respect. The baker or florist or photographer who, due to religious conviction, does not want to create for or sanction gay marriages with their work product are not being offensive or antagonistic. They are simply withholding their support, not taking action against the community.

It is the LGBT lobby that is aggressively demanding acceptance and support in every aspect of their sexual orientation and lifestyle. These attempts are being made to show that people with contrary beliefs cannot hold to their convictions by their actions actions, and in fact, dare not express their beliefs.  The gay lobby demands not just respect, but approval and support, and they are using the legal system and government to bludgeon anyone who might have a different opinion.

But the Target case is so over the top and preposterous that it is possible the gay lobby has overplayed its hand. Most Americans believe in live and let live, but they have been pushed and bullied by the LGBT community for several years now, and they may find that the people will fight back and certainly reject the methods and attitudes of these demanding, out-of-control bullies.

At the very least, support for the movement could begin to wane as people see and experience the abuse by LGBT groups. There is every likelihood that there will be a backlash, and the uproar over Target's latest decision could be the beginning of that pushback.



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