Target to Allow Transgender Men in Women’s Restrooms, Changing Rooms

Target to Allow Transgender Men in Women’s Restrooms, Changing Rooms

Despite making up a very small percentage of the United States population, transgender people — and transgender rights — have been in the news quite a bit lately.  The heaviest estimates indicate that 1/400 Americans are transgender.  Transgender is not to be confused with transsexual — a term denoting someone who has actually had surgery to change their sexual appearance.  To be considered transgender, all one has to do is “identify” as the opposite gender.

The differences between sex and gender have largely been lost on the people advocating for “transgender rights” — or the right for men who identify as women (and vice versa) to be able to use a different bathroom.   Sex — being the biological differences between male and female — is the determining factor when one designs restroom facilities.  Gender — being the social and cultural roles traditionally associated with sex — does not actually factor into the practicality of restroom use.

But none of this matters to liberals who have taken on this cause, and anyone who opposes them is now branded a “transphobic” bigot.  Retail giant Target waded into the restroom controversy Tuesday by announcing they will now allow those who identify as transgender to use the restroom and changing room of their choice.

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