Virginia Man Pays Fees to DMV with 300,000 Pennies

Virginia Man Pays Fees to DMV with 300,000 Pennies

Everybody loves going to the DMV, right? Well, maybe not. When people want to point out excessive government bureaucracy and red-tape, the poor DMV often turns out to be the convenient whipping boy. It hasn’t achieved that distinction without reason, but there are no doubt other, less obvious government agencies that achieve or surpass the ability of the DMV to upset people.

What’s wrong with the DMV is that it has no competition, and anyone owning a car or holding a driver license has to go there periodically. So you’re stuck with zero alternatives. That seldom makes for an efficiently run organization or for customer satisfaction. Some offices do a fine job, others are awful. Ultimately, you simply have to put up with whatever quality of service is provided — unless you don’t want to own a car or drive.

One man in Virginia took matters something to the extreme to make his point with his local office of the DMV. More on page two.

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