Videos Prove Hillary Is Guilty Of Being A Pathological Liar

Videos Prove Hillary Is Guilty Of Being A Pathological Liar

Hillary Clinton gets up each morning and a staffer with notes visits her before she starts her day.  The staffer hands her the non-fat latte “to get the 67 year old Hillary moving”,  and they are ready to have their morning sit down chat session.  This is a must.  The staffer's job description is to keep Hillary on track on her positions.  Sometimes Hillary does get confused, and the staffer, with a huge sigh, has to bring out the “videos”.

The videos, are a reminder of who Hillary was, and who she is now.  Sometimes, it gets so confusing to be Hillary.  “Am I for gay marriage?” Hillary is heard asking under her breath, at a late night campaign event.  Maybe you've noticed that wide eyed look Hillary gets when on stage or at a town hall meeting.  That little earplug tucked safely into her ear, let's her know if she is for illegal aliens or for a strong border.  And to think she is a front runner for President and a little over a year from now she could be taking the oath of office, is scary.

Problem with our 24/7 news cycle is yesterday is a faded memory.   The Clinton's perfected the “focus group”.  This was a new way of deciding who you are, and what you stand for, it's the formula for Bill Clinton becoming President.  His staff went all over the country and were able to deduce what way the wind blew on the issues.  And with that in mind, we have a candidate, Hillary, who has been around too long.  The focus groups from the 1990's are catching up to the focus groups of 2015.

We've weeded through Hillary video soundbites from the way back machine, and contrasted them from the Hillary of today.  What we have uncovered is astonishing.  We found Hillary conceding she takes orders from the Council on Foreign Relations.

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