Videos Prove Hillary Is Guilty Of Being A Pathological Liar

Hillary went on the Sunday show circuit recently, her campaign nervous “Hillary doesn't seem real”.   Brought up in her appearance on Face the Nation,  is her “realness” factor.  It's in the low 10% range. That means 90% of Americans do not think she is “real”.   The interview was almost as nerve racking as her maniacal laugh.  She takes a jab at Trump, saying his supporters are [haters].  And claimed to be a Washington outsider!  Here's a soundbite:

Now, we will examine all the flip flops of Hillary Clinton.  These are not minor issues.  Here is Hillary on the Iraqi war.  All of her affirming and denying the war.

Illegal immigration?  Hillary is adamantly against Illegal aliens.

What about help from Russia in Syria?  Hillary believes its a good idea, Russia, then she flip flops.   As Secretary of State for four years Hillary, would have knowledge of Russia, insider knowledge.  Here, she sounds like a girl who is trying to figure out what dress to wear to prom.

Here's the video Hillary wants no one to see.  As the gay marriage issue is so hot in this election, this video is a game changer.  Below, she is advocating for defense of marriage between one man and one woman.  She is basing her beliefs rooted in the bible and sounds as if she is a Kim Davis fan.  It's that thick.  This is also a moral issue, and changing it 180 degrees, shows she has no real beliefs.  She can change and be whoever the voters need her to be, just get her elected.  She herself, has no morals or ethics.  She is despicable.

Keystone Pipeline?  Hillary states “we have not yet signed off on it, but we are inclined to do so”.   And this month, she is now against Keystone.  Who cares if it would help the middle class with jobs-who cares it would lower gas prices.   That Hollywood crowd, they love them some climate change-its the biggest threat to the world, dontcha know?  Just make the check out to Hillary For President, all you crazy Hollywood people!

At a recent town hall,  Hillary uses her spin machine to give an explanation for opposing Keystone Pipeline.  We know its the fact she is trying to go far left, to attract Sanders supporters.  And she wants to not alienate that middle class she is supposed to be taking care of-so the spin here is needed.

This here is Hillary gold.  This soundbite is after she became Secretary of State.  She let's Americans knows who it is that runs the show at the State Department.

With all of these videos outlining the stepford candidate Hillary is, it's imperative Americans who are low information voters start to become engaged in the political process. So many are impressed with the Democrats trying to outdo each other on how much free stuff they can promise to give away.  That debate recently, was ridiculous.  Sanders said “I will give all Americans total free healthcare”, Hillary then “I'll give them free healthcare and raise you one-free College tuition”.  Sanders so frustrated, yelled, “I'll give Americans free infinity-its all free!”

The Republican establishment is another trouble spot.  They may split the party.  The Karl Roves, and insiders who have made funding certain candidates a way to control the outcome of the nomination.  The Republican establishment's idea is to have a candidate who is, well, not too hot and not too cold.  They bring us the robot moderates, who appeal to nobody, and in the end there is no other choice.  The establishment has brought us, Dole, McCain and Romney, all in the same mold, middle of the road, dull as hell.

Reagan was the establishment outsider.  They saw Ronnie as too passionate, too cowboy, not so controllable.  It was Bush 41's year in 1980, but  Reagan grabbed  American's attention.   Four years of Carter, gas lines, interest rates 17%, and humiliated by Iran and the hostage crisis, America was ready to buck the establishment.

When Americans get fed up as we were in 1980, it matters not what the establishment wants, or how much money they throw at a candidate.  Today it's exactly the same time it was in 1980, and people are responding to truth, courage and passion for America.  Americans want someone who is far away from those old time GOP funders, who want to set the terms.

As for Hillary, she is a traitor to the US.  Her track record on Benghazi,  her private unauthorized emails and private servers, her pathological lying- there is only one place she needs to be, in an orange jumpsuit awaiting her one hour of fresh air a day.




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