Valerie Jarrett Still Receives $306,380 In Pension Payments From The City Of Chicago

According to the latest estimate, Jarrett has received at least $306,080 in pension payments from Chicago authorities. Strangely, this staggering amount is several times higher than the amount collected from her paychecks during her time as CTA Chairman. One can only wonder where the rest of that money came from.

In hindsight, it is little surprise that Valerie Jarrett receives such generous treatment from the government of Chicago. The place was a nesting ground for numerous figures in the Obama White House, including former Chiefs of Staff William Daley and Rahm Emanuel, who by remarkable “coincidence” is now mayor of the city.

“As of last summer, Jarrett has collected $306,080 in pension payments in total.

That hefty sum is 27 times the amount — $11,132 — that Jarrett contributed to her pension plan through deductions from her CTA paychecks, according to the Sun Times.

Because of lucrative pension arrangements like the one provided to Jarrett, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, also a former Obama chief of staff, has been forced to raise property taxes to the highest levels in the city’s history to help fix a massive budget shortfall. According to a Bloomberg Business article published last year, Chicago has $20 billion in pension debt — or $7,000 per city resident.”

Source: Daily Caller



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