UT Students Brandish Dildos in Protest of Campus Carry Law

Approximately one hundred students and faculty gathered at midday for the rally last week, which isn't that great a number, considering the amount of students who actually attend the school. Among them was the College Democrats coordinator Rosie Zander.

“If you pack heat, we’re packing meat!,” College Democrats coordinator Rosie Zander told an adoring throng, hoisting a bulging appendage of girth and length so extreme as to be a deadly weapon itself. “We’re going to make you as uncomfortable as we are (with guns).”

The campaign was organized by a group called Students Against Campus Carry.

“This protest has been a year in the making and along that road we’ve hit some hard bumps,” a post from organizers on the group’s Facebook page reads “but seeing all your awesome faces and copious amount of dildo-waving made it all worth it.”

This doesn't really say much about the intelligence of college students/activists. They're fighting violence with perversion, all while encouraging crude behavior and giving students a means to carry that behavior out. While the left has conceded defeat, in this case, they're refusing to give up. Now they know how Conservatives in California feel whenever Jerry Brown passes a bill.

Source: dailycaller.com



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