US Bulldozes Doctors Without Borders Before Investigation

Nothing, in the way the United States has acted in the wake of the Doctor’s Without Borders Hospital bombing, builds confidence that there was not negligence, if not intent.

With the Doctors Without Borders calling for a criminal investigation because the United States willfully ignored the calls to stop the bombing, one would think that the United States would make sure every new step would be squeaky clean.  Yet, we see another behavior the cries cover up and not a woeful accident.

On Thursday, a U.S. tank rudely rolled into the destroyed hospital “with investigators inside” the tank, a gesture of disrespect that destroyed evidence. “Their unannounced and forced entry damaged property, destroyed potential evidence and caused stress and fear,” said MSF.

The U.S. has ignored the idea of an independent inquiry, claiming that its own internal investigation will suffice. As White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “The administration has confidence that the investigation that is currently underway by the Department of Defense will provide the full accounting of the situation that the president has asked for.”

If anyone, within the borders of the United States, destroyed evidence they would be heavily sanctioned, but the Administration believing they are above the law, will do what it wants and say what it deems as an appropriate response, even if there is no truth in it.

So, if the Defense Department is leading an investigation, then why are they not screaming spoilation of evidence when the US tank rolled into the building, destroying evidence?  Is it because they called for the action to occur?

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that “American special operations analysts were gathering intelligence on an Afghan hospital days before it was destroyed by a U.S. military attack because they believed it was being used by a Pakistani operative to coordinate Taliban activity,”

This revelation suggests the U.S. had knowledge of the hospital’s location. It also offers insight, if it is confirmed that the hospital was purposely bombed, into the United States’ lackluster process that decides on targets for airstrikes.

Facts are coming out that debunk the claim this was a mistake and the destruction of evidence only highlights this truth.

 Source: Activist Post




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