UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC,  made the case for depopulating the planet in an interview with Climate One founder Greg Dalton regarding “fertility rates in population,” as a contributor to climate change.

A related issue is fertility rates in population.” Dalton opined. “A lot of people in energy and environmental circles don’t wanna go near that because it’s politically charged. It’s not their issue.” he added.

“But isn’t it true that stopping the rise of the population would be one of the biggest levers and driving the rise of green house gases?” Dalton asked.

“Obviously less people would exert less pressure on the natural resources,” Figueres answered, also noting that estimates suggest the Earth’s population will rise to nine billion by 2050.

Dalton then questioned whether that figure could in some way be stalled or halted.

“So is nine billion a forgone conclusion? That’s like baked in, done, no way to change that?” he asked Figueres.
“There is pressure in the system to go toward that; we can definitely change those, right? We can definitely change those numbers,” Figueres said in response.

“Really, we should make every effort to change those numbers because we are already, today, already exceeding the planet’s planetary carrying capacity.” she also claimed.

“So yes we should do everything possible. But we cannot fall into the very simplistic opinion of saying just by curtailing population then we’ve solved the problem. It is not either/or, it is an and/also.” the UN official also said.

Figueres also admitted that the true purpose of the entire global warming scare is to kill off capitalism. Globalists are quite upfront about how the world needs to depopulate and come under their control. Their candor tells us that they have either achieved such control that they can make such admissions, or their pride is making promises they only hope to keep.



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