UK Given Green Light To Shoot Down Russian Jets

The Royal Airforce fighter jets will be armed with air-to-air missiles, in case of any run-ins with “hostile” Russian planes. If Russia has already proven anything during their campaign in Syria, it's that they're not a force to be taken lightly. The question now is if all of this hostility in the air is because the West disagrees with what's Russia is doing on the ground, or if Russia is purposefully displaying their military might by creating conflict in the skies.

“No one knows what the Russians will do next. We don’t know how they will respond if they come into contact with a Western jet.

“When planes are flying at supersonic speeds the airspace gets crowded very quickly. There could be a collision or a Russian pilot might be mistakenly shot down,” the source said.

Earlier this month Russian and American aircraft came within 20 miles of each other near the Turkish border. The American pilots were able to identify the Russian aircraft with their targeting cameras.

The British newspaper lauded the ability of supersonic RAF Tornado aircraft and its Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile that can reportedly fly three times the speed of sound.

This comes in the wake of similar reports of problems between Turkey and Russia, where eye witnesses claim to have seen a Russian aircraft get shot down by Turkish fighter jets. This is all a little sad, if you think about it. While the rest of the world might not agree with Russia's true motivation for being in Syria, they're fighting ISIS. Perhaps it's time everybody united and did the same, instead of looking for reasons to fight each other.





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