UCCS Newsletter: ‘Veterans Should Be Banned From Four-year Universities’

UCCS Newsletter: ‘Veterans Should Be Banned From Four-year Universities’

As is often seen in universities and colleges around the nation, there is a certain sense that students who attend those institutions somehow are the “owners” of those places of higher learning.  The problems with this sense of ownership is that when an issue arises inside the school that many of the Leftists recognize as “unfair” or “dangerous” to their chosen beliefs or lifestyle, they automatically assume that because they paid for their right to be there, that someone else (who equally paid for that right to education) should not be able to “disrupt” their learning by expressing a dissimilar viewpoint or living according to a different ethical code.

Take the Christians in this case.  Many extremist Left-wing groups that completely dominate the college campuses all over the nation view Christians as intolerant and therefore, believe vehemently that these groups shouldn't exist on campus and specifically work against them.  For reasons that are always convoluted and contradictory, they believe that all religions are just fine and dandy, but crack open a Holy Bible and all hell breaks loose!

According to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS), that sort of thinking is abhorrent…except that their campus is decorated with a particularly egregious newsletter, posted on buildings, doors and billboards, proclaiming that “veterans should be banned from campus” completely!

Read on the next page about this outrageous attempt to remove the very individuals who serve in the US military, but are presumed by these writers of this newsletter to all be too dangerous to ever attend any college or university!




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