UCCS Newsletter: ‘Veterans Should Be Banned From Four-year Universities’

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) is protecting a group that is printing and distributing a flyer that specifically calls for the active banning of all veterans!

A newsletter has appeared on campus whose author appears to be a phantom representation of either a student or a member of the UCCS staff and who is equating the US military veteran to a domestic undesirable with no productive or academic value to the school.  The author is cowardly hiding behind a pseudonym of Terry Steinawitz (a bastardization of the Jewish Steinowitz or Steynovitz) and the title of the newsletter is “Social Justice Collective Weekly.”  There is a Robotman Steinawitz on Facebook, but doesn’t appear to be overtly politically active and hasn’t specifically posted since last year.

Regardless, the letter itself is basically calling on all Social Justice Warriors (SJW) to action against veterans who are on campus, but in the author’s mind, shouldn’t be.

“A four-year, traditional university is supposed to be a place of learning, of understanding, of safety and security. However, there is an element among us who may be frustrating those goals: Veterans.

UCCS is known for its number of veterans who are full and part-time students. But these veterans of much of the school prides themselves on may be hurting the university.

First off, many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society. This is directly in contradiction to the mission of UCCS. Many veterans utter the mantra that they, “do not see color”. But the problem lies in their socialization into the military culture that is that of a white supremacist organization. They have been permanently tainted, and are no long fit for a four-year university.

Second, many students are frightened by the presence of veterans in their classrooms. Veterans usually have an overwhelming presence in the classroom, which can distract other students. This is usually true for vulnerable individual such as LGBTQQI2SAA, who have been known to be the butt of insensitive jokes made by veterans.

Finally, veterans usually are associated with extremists right-wing groups such as the tea party and the NRA. In order to provide a safe place for all students, extremist right-wing groups must be suppressed on campus. This would include their followers: veterans.

That is not to say that veterans should not be allowed an education. Veterans should be allowed to attend trade schools, or maybe even community college. But, in order to protect our academic institutions we must ban veterans from four-year universities.”

I am a 10-year veteran of the US Army and have never attended university, specifically BECAUSE of the attitude of both students and the faculties of these institutions.  If students feel the same way as the author of this newsletter, know that this is EXACTLY the same way as veterans feel when they are on campus anywhere in the US.

Veterans are a different breed of people, that cannot be disputed; nor does any veteran ever feel the need to pretend otherwise.  Most veterans since the 1970s have never seen war, nor death.  That is a fact.  Most veterans have never killed another human being.  That is a fact.

However, there are people out there who believe that because the majority of veterans (who have neither seen war, nor death) lean Right, they should be specifically discriminated against and barred from campuses across the nation.  It is a reinterpretation of the Orwellian thought-crime division:  If you think a thought that is not in alignment with the mob, you have committed a crime and, therefore, must be sequestered, suppressed, silenced and eradicated.

Thought-crimes are dangerous, indeed, because the people enforcing such criminal activity always feel as if they are tapped into the collective mentality of a group.  Look at the title of the flyer:  “Social Justice COLLECTIVE Weekly.”  This author actually, literally believes that he/she speaks directly on behalf of all SJWs and is saying, in essence, that the US military veteran’s beliefs and opinions are not valid, nor are they valuable to society!  The author deigns to have some mystical knowledge of how each and every veteran feels and thinks (which, unless you were a veteran yourself, is an utterly ridiculous assumption).

This author is above reproach, though, and apparently has intimate osmosis of all things military, stating that ALL veterans agree with the Tea Party (wow, are we dredging up prejudice against them again?  Haven’t they already had enough discrimination by the Leftist IRS?) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).  The NRA is a typical straw man for the Left.  Because the NRA stands for something in American history that stands in actuality against the very nature of suppression, this author believes they are dangerous.  Unlike the Antifa (which purports to stand against Fascism, but employs Fascistic methods of suppression, intimidation and mob mentality to enforce its point-of-view and style of rule), the NRA upholds an actual legal Constitutional standing in American governmental law, specifically designed to protect the very people (like those Antifa crowds) who spout violence, absurdity and racist beliefs.

The school, for its part, claims that the person who wrote the newsletter does not attend the school, nor does it endorse the conclusions of the flyer and goes into great detail as to why it believes that White supremacists are abhorrent, disgusting and misplaced and have no use to society, yet should be “heard.”  Even though the school’s standing on the letter is that it is “illegal,” it still placates the author and its movement by pussyfooting around a direct condemnation of the flyer’s language.

My feeling is that the author is either a student or a faculty member posing as Terry Steinawitz because it is typical of these social idiots to hide behind masks, hoods and weapons.  In this case, the mask is the pseudonym, the hood is the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and the weapon is the flyer and its language.

Veterans may not agree with your point of view SJWs, but at least they don’t hide behind the skirts of their transgender community.

Source:  KKTV News 11



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