Turkish Muslim Authority: Only Demons Eat With the Left Hand

Many people likely don’t think of religious extremism and discrimination when they think of the country of Turkey. But, Muslim clerics in this region are doing everything in their power to restore their country back to the glory days of the Prophet Muhammed.

The odd thing though however is how silent the left has been about these changes.

Surely, you’d think in the era of Trump hysteria and political correctness they wouldn’t think twice about attacking Muslims for discriminating against those born with a certain “demon” trait.

I mean if Joy Behar can scream at POS war traitor John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain that “as a Democrat, I’m offended by all Republicans”. Surely we can all say that “as a civilized Westerner, I am offended by all radical Muslims”, or “as a leftist, I am offended by radical Islam”. But no, you’ll never hear such verbalizations exiting the mouth of the smug PC liberal trolls and monsters attempting to take down the West.

Which more people really need to know about.

You’ll never believe what is being interpreted as authentic Islamic teachings right now in Turkey, in the 21st century.

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