Turkish Muslim Authority: Only Demons Eat With the Left Hand

Some cultures tend to enjoy remaining in the Dark Ages. Which is not for us to judge, merely to point out.

In many primitive cultures, the right hand is used primarily for eating, and the left for rubbing feces off their backside without the aid of clothes or other forms of papers.

However, in the devoutly Islamic country of Turkey, they’ve decided to take things one step further declaring anyone who eats with their left hand to be a “demon”.

Turkey’s highest religious authority has said that every pious Muslim must only use their right hand to eat and drink – because, apparently, only demons are left-handed.

Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), which is an official state institution, issued a fatwa (decree) Saturday, implying that those who happen to be born left-handed should switch sides for their own good, at least when it comes to the dinner table. The fatwa came in response to a question on eating with the left hand.

It seems odd, does it not, that the ever PC Left fails to ever find fault with the tenants of the Islamic faith. One doesn’t have to use much imagination to conjure up the outrage that would occur should a Republican government official suggest left-handed people had a “demon”.

What happened to the party of “born this way” and “be who you are”… They are hypocrites.

What they really are saying is be who you are if it is deviant and stands to harm Western civilization and family values.

But to the ever “peaceful” and “tolerant” religious Muslim clerics in Turkey, being born left-handed is a dreadful abomination.

Read their official decree.

“Establishing general principles regarding eating and drinking, the Prophet Muhammad did not regard eating with the left hand as pleasant,”the watchdog said, adding that the Prophet “attached great importance to this issue and warned his community that demons eat and drink using their left hand.”

“It is the duty of every Muslim to adhere to the advice and guidance of the Prophet on eating and drinking with the right hand,”Dyianet stated on its official websites

Of course in Mohammed’s time, folks were still using their bare hand to smear their own feces off. But folks ascribing to this religion don’t seem concerned much with joining the 21st century.

The only exception to this fatwa is people who are literally too physically impaired to use their right arm.

An exception is made for physically disabled people who cannot comply with the guidance. The statement has drawn public backlash, with Turkey expert and journalist Marc Guillet noting on Twitter “that pious Muslims in Turkey who are left handed must feel horrible.”

However, this measure still feels more than a tad discriminatory and backward.

Devote Muslims surely aren’t still using their own hands to remove feces…

Others slammed the discriminatory nature of the statement, arguing it falls in line with the ongoing crackdown on civil liberties in Turkey.


But such a move is hardly that surprising considering what other controversial rulings this Muslim cleric has decreed in the past several months.

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