Turkey Risks Starting WWIII While Obama Golfs

Turkey Risks Starting WWIII While Obama Golfs

As we continue our incoherent strategy in the Middle East, it's important to realize that there is a real danger that our current leaders ignore. That is the danger that some event sets off an escalation that leads to World War III. As usual, Mr. Obama is out to lunch (or golfing) while an incredibly tangled web of alliances pushes the world into just such a potentially devastating conflict.

Conflicting tribal interests combined with arbitrary, artificial boundaries drawn almost 100 years ago guarantee conflict in the Middle East. The Kurds are in the middle of this, earnestly desiring their own state, and that is something Turkey will have no part of even if it means war. And that is one aspect of a conflict that is building while Mr. Obama does something, anything other than provide leadership.

So it comes as no surprise when Turkey invades Syria, sending tanks into a foreign land.  Turkey is supported by the US military in this effort that purports to be an attack on ISIS and its terrorist intentions.  Instead, the real purpose is to stop the Kurds. And if we are going to inject our military forces into yet another conflict, the interests of the  Kurds, as pointed out by Allen West, would be a cause we could support.

Confused?  Well, it's deliberate.  And we'll try to help you sort it out.

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