Tucker Carlson Exposes “Demand Protest” Leader on Fox News

It's a never ending source of amazement when some jackass manages to get interviewed on a national news broadcast, only to make a complete fool out of himself or herself. In so doing, what these folks actually accomplish is not only disgracing themselves, but damaging the cause to which they are attached.

The movement to protest Donald Trump's inauguration already has its share of problems. One would be the fact that elements within the anti-Trump movement have found it necessary to pay protestors to engage in demonstrations. Clearly, this says nothing good about the strength of these people's beliefs. People truly dedicated to a cause typically are able to come up with a day or two to work for that cause without requiring that their pockets be lined.

Then there are the leaders of various groups within the anti-Trump movement who have varying degrees of competence and integrity. While some clearly hold to a set of principles they are willing to articulate in peaceful protests, something that is perfectly within their right to do without threats of reprisals, others are just criminals-in-waiting. And some are just idiots.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News just interviewed a leader of the Demand Protest group. You had a hint of where this interview was going when Tucker had to spend the first couple of minutes trying to get the interviewee to stop lying about his real name.

As it turns out, we never learned this guy's real name. In fact, his whole story is a hoax and utterly implausible. That other news organization gave him any credibility at all just makes them look as ridiculous as he is. When he somehow conflates Payton Manning with Donald Trump and the incident in Roswell in 1947, the whole thing just becomes a comedy.

It doesn't stop there. He claims that his group with over 1,000 paid activists was anti-Trump until Trump supposedly started supporting Julian Assange at which time the group became pro-Trump. Try to work that one out in your head.

Kudos to Mr. Carlson for finally getting the guy to make at least one truthful statement at the end of the interview. This happened when the interviewee made the comment that he is astonished that he managed to get on national television.

While this fellow, whatever his name might be, is a terrible political activist, he does make for some excellent entertainment.

Here’s how Tucker Carlson began the interview:

“This is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, this is a hoax. Let me start at the beginning, however, with your name, Dom Tullipso, which is not your real name. It’s a fake name, we ran you through law enforcement-level background checks and that name does not exist. So let’s start out with the truth. Tell me what your real name is.”

Okay, let’s back up a second. Carlson invited the man identifying himself as Dom Tullipso on his show to talk about this new group that’s popped up called Demand Protest. It says on the site, “When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.”

A few sites picked up on supposed ads this group was passing around reading “Get paid fighting against Trump!” However, it seems pretty clear this is a hoax. The back-and-forth between Carlson and “Tullipso” was kind of amazing, and this was the moment when Carlson realized he was witnessing performance art before his very eyes: “We are greatly, greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning, and we really support their efforts to really get the truth out there, and in the case of the current client we have right now, uh, that client is, um, very interested in releasing the Roswell papers.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if the reference to Peyton Manning instead of Chelsea was a slip-up, he did it again a bit later, after he actually said, “We shifted from being against Trump to Trump about 30 minutes ago.” But towards the end of the interview, even Carlson’s guest couldn’t help but admit his surprise that he was invited on TV in the first place. After, of course, he said this: “We are now supporting Trump in the hope that the Roswell documents from 1947 are finally released and put back into the hands of Fisher Stevens.”

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