Tucker Carlson Presses California Prof to “Practice What She Preaches” on Paying Higher Taxes

In general, Americans may pay from 10 to 40 percent of their income to the federal government for fund government programs and operations, as well as to pay interest on the national debt.

Ms. Heldman maintains that the top one percent of taxpayers should pay a tax rate of 80 percent or more, using the typical progressive nostrum that they “don’t pay their fair share.”

According to Heldman, by returning to the higher tax rates of the fifties and early sixties, more money could be raised to fund the education system and the social safety net. [No conflict of interest there.]

Carlson responded by noting that American taxpayers already pay more than most countries for education and social programs. He asked Heldman if she would voluntarily pay more in order to achieve the goal she wants to set for other highly paid Americans.

She responded that she instead donates to Planned Parenthood and charities, which prompted Carlson to ask why she didn’t “practice what you preach.”

The professor got more rattled and testy as the interview went on, as Carlson pressed her on the obvious contradictions in her argument. She maintained that she prefers to give money directly to non-profits instead of paying more in taxes.

Carlson then countered that in essence she was conceding that giving the government more money to help the disadvantaged was less efficient and effective in terms of actual results.

Soon Heldman was working in a critique of President Trump, claiming he’s presiding over a “train wreck” of a government when it comes to helping the poor.

Carlson got her to admit she would like to see corresponding sharp hikes in capital gains, estate and other federal taxes. By the end of the interview, it was clear that Heldman was very flummoxed and glad to see the encounter end.

The Occidental College website indicates that Professor Heldman specializes in “the presidency, media, gender, and race in the American context.” It doesn’t take much imagination to determine that a typical Heldman lecture would sound like a Bernie Sanders campaign speech.

The Carlson format relies on having a debate with a progressive who winds up serving as a punching bag for the host. It’s a wonder he’s able to keep lining up guests, who must know what lies ahead.



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