DHS Chief on Onerous TSA Wait Times: People are Traveling Excessively

With so many issues surrounding the TSA organization, perhaps it's time the airport take back the power to conduct security screens. Instead, the government's solution was to fund TSA with $34 million to reallocate to current employees as well as hiring new officers. This decision comes on the heals of the program receiving all new equipment that was meant to make screening easier and faster. What made the government decide to throw more tax dollars down the drain that is the TSA program?

Just last summer, the director of the TSA resigned after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that the agency failed to detect an astounding 95% of weapons and explosives in tests by undercover DHS teams. These DHS teams conducted 70 tests at airports across the nation, and the TSA failed 67 of those tests. Despite the fact that the agency has spent over $500 million of taxpayer money on new equipment, the agency’s failure rate is higher than it was ten years ago.

As the video below shows us; Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, blames the increase in passenger volume (yes, he blames the passengers for traveling!), as well as the dialed-back Managed Inclusion program, which allowed agents to pull low-risk passengers from regular lines and process them through precheck. Meanwhile, TSA Chief, Peter Neffenger said, “When I came into this organization last year, I found an organization with 5,800 fewer screeners than it had four years previously.”





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